A Global Perspective Within the Curriculum

Through a coordinated approach to learning via The Arts, Mother Tongue, Languages other than Mother Tongue, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Studies of Society & Environment & Technology, it is possible to bring a Global Perspective across the curriculum.

Through these very different strands of the curriculum in both Primary & Secondary we are able to view independent subject topics in a networked style. Topics such as Interdependence & Globalisation, Identity & Cultural Diversity, Social Justice & Human Rights, Peace Building & Conflict Resolution & Sustainable Futures, can be approached from a variety of educational standpoints. This should allow children who have varying learning styles, access to knowledge in regard to these critical subjects.

For Finnish schools, we see this being used to help students understand the nature and culture of their own country, its shared history with the Swedish speaking western states, the Sami and Roma cultures, its history; and that histories effect on its relations with its near neighbours Sweden, Norway & Russia, its close links with Estonia and the Baltic states all the way out to its place in Europe and its ties to European nation states, its place in the world today and its importance to migrants as a place of Technological & Educational achievement and for refugees as a place of safety.

These triggers can be connected in such a way that we are able to use them in conjunction with the 20 Point Intercultural grid.

This area should be considered an idea bank, any lesson ideas that you have to continue the growth of this resource can be left in the comments section.

We would like to acknowledge the Australian Global education programme, as it has proven invaluable in helping us create an idea template for the Finnish education system.

Click to access GPS_web.pdf

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