Suomen Kielisalkun Kielipassi


Perspectives on the European Language Portfolio (ELP) for the Comprehensive School in Finland

There are three Finnish ELP models for compulsory education

The Finnish versions of the European Language Portfolio have been developed as a pedagogical resource for foreign language education in the comprehensive school in Finland (Grades 1–9, pupil ages 7–15 years). The work was completed in a cooperation project between four universities, funded by the National Board of Education (the KISA Project, 2011–12)1: the University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu Campus), and the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Tampere (project leadership).

The Finnish versions of the ELP comply with the ELP Principles and Guide- lines (2011) of the Council of Europe2. They are based on the current national Framework Curriculum for foreign language education (POPS 2004), aimed at sup- porting pupils’ intercultural communicative competence, learning skills and self-assessment in compulsory education.

As a result of intensive seminar discussions, the project team designed the Finnish versions of the ELP (FinELPs) for comprehensive education consisting of the following three models for the different classroom levels (pupil ages 7–15 years):

  1. FinELP Grades 1–3 (lower primary)
  2. FinELP Grades 4–6 (upper primary)
  3. FinELP Grades 7–9 (lower secondary)


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