Grade 0 – 2

Younger grade students can work together on projects involving art and storytelling, these can be linked to the development of their own and their friend’s families, this will help focus who they are as individuals as well as who they are as part of a larger social group. Region maps, world maps, family tree, below we have highlighted the hands on material that we feel works well with the aims of the 0-2 level students.


The objective of this activity is to make the pupils aware that different expressions in different linguistic varieties can have the same meaning and to motivate them to look for visual and aural similarity between words in different languages.

Expanding on this it could be in English and could use a selection of English Homonyms and Homophones, this can also be done with picture cards, which are fairly easy to make.



The purpose of this activity is to achieve the pupils appreciation and respect for different cultures and languages.


Language of Colours

Pupils discover similarities and differences in 7 languages by investigating colours. The activity also involves creative work: creating a montage and annotating with coloured cards. A game, which helps to memorize new words.

This exercise can be extended to word types for all categories; it will allow children to see root languages and to appreciate how languages have spread across Europe and around the world.

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