Grade 3 – 4

Grade 3-4 can look at projects that ask deeper questions about the development of cultures and individuals, They will be able to begin to judge how they are affected by internal and external factors, and how they can start to better understand the world via the actions and processes of other cultures. different religions, cultural norms, social injustice. Below we highlighted the material we think works well with 3-4 level students.

Japanese Calligraphy

The main purpose of this activity is to introduce the students’ to the concept of Japanese Calligraphy and to enhance their curiosity to explore unfamiliar writing systems.

Building upon the previous project on how languages have developed either in a similar manner or on their own, the Calligraphy lesson could be used to show how in Japanese the word gives the form and characteristic to the Katakana symbol.

Our Home Our World

The activity helps the students to strengthen their awareness of cultural diversity in their immediate environment and in their town/region.

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