Grade 5 – 6

Grade 5-6 projects should focus on how diversity has affected the students local area in the past and at the present time, and how the development of communication tools has affected how we deal with other cultures (and also how we deal with the tools themselves, this opens a whole area on the usage of social media for communication) Also how we understand our own culture via its history and its politics and how this can help us see other cultures, here we can approach the idea of negative stereotypes, within and without our own culture.

A Healthy Diet

The objectives of this activity are to make students familiar with the importance of (healthy) food and to communicate about food in the different languages they know, noticing similarities and differences between them.

Addictively Tasty

In this activity, the students learn about similarities and differences between languages, by focusing on chocolate and desserts.


The purpose of this activity is to compare different habits and ways of preparing coffee in various cultures and to research the words ‘milk’ and ‘coffee’ in different languages.


The activity focuses on the theme of explorers. The students discuss explorers in their respective languages and make presentations about the travels of their explorers.

Fairy Tales

The objective of the activity is to challenge the pupils’ ability to write/talk in different languages about fairy tales in different cultures.

Our Beautiful Earth – A View From Space

This activity deals with the issue of countries around the world focusing on their languages, greetings, e-mail addresses and time zones.

Science & Scientists

The main objectives of this activity are to familiarize the pupils with scientific language and to discuss (dis-) advantages of being a scientist in a multicultural/multilingual environment.

Trees: Linguistic & Cultural Aspects

The purpose of this activity is to make students aware of the importance of trees, including their figurative meaning in English and in the pupils´ L1.

Units of Measurement

The activity focuses on the international system of measurement and learning the names of units of measurement in different languages.


In this activity, the students use as many languages as possible, discussing the history of yoghurt and its importance as food.

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