Grade 7 – 9

Grade 7-9 project focus should be on the future, and on the differences that have developed between cultures, and how we can approach these in our future dealings, it should also focus on how much the individual has accepted and understood his/her role in their own culture and their ability to envelop themselves within another cultures ideas. Continuation of politics and social justice, conflict resolution & peace building. More focus on sustainable development.


Are You Sexist?


The primary objective of this activity is to make the learners aware of sexist language in different languages and to find their own way to avoid sexist behavior.




The activity focuses on the theme of explorers. The students discuss explorers in their respective languages and make presentations about the travels of their explorers.


Science & Scientists


The main objectives of this activity are to familiarize the pupils with scientific language and to discuss (dis-) advantages of being a scientist in a multicultural/multilingual environment.

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